About Our Brand

After 3 years of running an online boutique during covid, Teresa took a pivot and launched I’m Size Beautiful to the world with her dream of helping women with their self-esteem and value through one size clothing. Running a clothing boutique during this time showed Teresa the growing problem of women not knowing what size to purchase because each vendor had a different size chart for S-XL. Teresa was left with huge stocks of Smalls and Mediums and her curvy customers wanted to know why weren’t there a great selection for them to choose from. She was not only loosing money everyday by not selling out her inventory unless it was dirt cheap, she also wasn’t solving the problem of customers overall. One day while asking Karen, Customer Service Manager, what size she was, Karen answered “I’m Size Beautiful!” and that is where this new journey began. Teresa came up with the direction to take her boutique into a brand and design one size clothing for her customers.
This was not easy as she had to find an experienced designer and tailor who believed in this movement. During this same time, she partnered with Dr. Sylvia Carter Women of Strength Empowerment Center in Nairobi, Kenya to make Corded Necklaces and Cape Statement Pieces. This meaningful partnership enabled the women of the center to earn a livable wage to support their families and Teresa a business opportunity to offer quality beautiful pieces from the Motherland.
I’m Size Beautiful will be a recognized and respected brand all across the Globe! We are building a community of women who will not let our bodies dictate our value or substance. We are doctors, lawyers, teachers, mothers, retirees, military, employers, employees, wives, survivors, overcomers….and we are all SIZE BEAUTIFUL.